Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week 7 - Bryce to Moab and Robbers Roost Canyoneering

Escalante and the Hole in the Rock Road

Zebra Slot, just after heavy rain

Moqui Marbles, at the top of Zebra Slot

More Moqui Marbles and wave patterns in the sandstone

Tunnel Slot full of water after heavy rain

Wave formations in the sandstone along Halfway Hollow
More wave formations in the sandstone along Halfway Hollow

More wave formations in the sandstone along Halfway Hollow

Playing Charades at Devils Garden

Amongst the Hoodoos at Devils Garden

 Capitol Reef National Park


 Arches National Park and Moab


At Delicate Arch

Camped on the Colorado River at Moab

 Bogley Canyoneering Fest at Robbers Roost

The West (Main) Fork of White Roost Canyon

Jeremy stemming the slot

Rick, Bob, Mike and Jeremy
Light shining into a narrow section of the slot

The West Fork crew (Mike, Duane, Bob, Rick, Ryan, Cam and Jeremy)

Fresh Mountain Lion tracks on the walk out

 The East Fork of White Roost Canyon

Cam learning how to slide with Rick (the expert slider) watching on

Cam and Rick bridging a wet section

Duane leading the charge through the slanted slot
The East Fork crew (Duane, Ryan, Cam and Rick)

Alcatraz Canyon (a.k.a. Twin Coral Box Canyon - North Fork)

Looking down into Alcatraz from the first rappel

Duane getting wet (He calls that knee deep!)

Duane wishing he had eaten one less burger

Monday, 15 October 2012

Week 6 - Zion and Bryce National Parks

I think we turned onto the wrong Freeway - It was a very bumpy ride in the RV...

 Zion National Park

Our riverside campsite at Zion NP. Cordi reading while Cam is cooking dinner...

Sandstone Slickrock

The sandstone layers of the slickrock

Balancing Rock

 'The Subway', Zion National Park

Rappelling into the freezing cold water of  'The Subway' canyon. "Your turn Cordi..."

Cordi just loved swimming through those cold narrow slot canyons. 
"The Subway"

'The Narrows', Zion National Park

Wading up the "The Narrows" 

Wouldn't want the flow to get any stronger

'Angels Landing', Zion National Park

The switchbacks leading up to Angels Landing

The steep section to the top of Angels Landing with chains

At the very top of Angels Landing

And the view from the top

 Bryce National Park

The strange and colourful, but spectacular "Hoodoos"

Who do? amongst the Hoodoos

Guess who took this shot?

And who took this one?

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Week 5b - Page to Kanab to Hurricane

Hiring a Speedboat for a day on Lake Powell with Martin and Sonja from Germany.
No licence required - Cool!
I just love this new toy!

Where the heck are we?

It's easy to get lost in the maze of slot canyons.

Still loving this new toy - 6 hours later

Riding the tube - Can you hear Cordi screaming all the way back in Oz?

Look Mum - No hands...

Antelope slot canyon.

How do we get down there?

Water carved slot canyon near Page

Something different to climb - A huge toadstool.

The coloured layers of Grand Staircase Escalante 

Grand Staircase Escalante at Sunset.

Slickrock Mountain Biking at Gooseberry Mesa near Hurricane, Utah.