Monday, 15 October 2012

Week 6 - Zion and Bryce National Parks

I think we turned onto the wrong Freeway - It was a very bumpy ride in the RV...

 Zion National Park

Our riverside campsite at Zion NP. Cordi reading while Cam is cooking dinner...

Sandstone Slickrock

The sandstone layers of the slickrock

Balancing Rock

 'The Subway', Zion National Park

Rappelling into the freezing cold water of  'The Subway' canyon. "Your turn Cordi..."

Cordi just loved swimming through those cold narrow slot canyons. 
"The Subway"

'The Narrows', Zion National Park

Wading up the "The Narrows" 

Wouldn't want the flow to get any stronger

'Angels Landing', Zion National Park

The switchbacks leading up to Angels Landing

The steep section to the top of Angels Landing with chains

At the very top of Angels Landing

And the view from the top

 Bryce National Park

The strange and colourful, but spectacular "Hoodoos"

Who do? amongst the Hoodoos

Guess who took this shot?

And who took this one?


  1. AMAZING photos. I don't know that I'd like to walk/wade/swim in the slot canyons. I couldn't get out of there in a hurry if I wanted. Certainly is a spectacular place though.
    Anne xx

  2. Nice & wonderful place to visit, Thanks for sharing on this with us.

    RV Park in Zion