Thursday, 4 October 2012

Week 5 - Las Vegas to Grand Canyon to Page

Our few days at Havasupai

(An Indian village located in a side canyon feeding into the in the Grand Canyon - Probably the most beautiful place we've ever visited. Only accessible by foot, horses or helicopter. )

Heading down into the Havasu Canyon (12km: a 3 hour hike down to the village, then another 12km: 3 hours to the Colarado River)

The switchbacks down

Some people used horses to carry their stuff. Cordi used her husband... :-)

Lil Navajo cascades

Lil Navajo falls

Some silly people thought it would be fun to climb under the falls and dive through them.
Who would do that?

Mooney Falls - yes the water really is that aqua blue. (It's because of the lime in the water from the rock)

Climbing through the tunnels and down the ladders to get to the bottom of one of the falls 

One of several river crossings

Beaver Falls (just above the Colorado River)

Another of the million magical water falls on the way

At the Supai village. We have no idea how they got the caravan in here...

Cordi found a new position... Not sure if she'll pass the test though.

The Grand Canyon Village (South Rim)

View across the Grand Canyon

Cycling the South Rim

Cameron (A 'xxxx' town in the middle of nowhere)

The picture tells it all

Water Hole Slot Canyon near Page

Water carved waves in the rock

The narrow slot


  1. Wow! It all looks so amazing. I am very jealous :)


  2. Once again, fantastic photos of a gorgeous part of the world.
    Anne xx